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Sweet cabbage with smoked pork breast

Sweet cabbage with smoked pork breast

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We clean the cabbage from the first leaves, cut it into strips, sprinkle it with salt and mix it well and then put it on the fire in a suitable pot.

The vegetables are cleaned and washed. Grate the carrot. Finely chop the onion and capsicum.

Put the vegetables over the cabbage, season (pepper, paprika) and match the taste (with salt), mix very well and leave on the right heat until the amount of cabbage decreases. Add the portioned pork breast and let it boil until the meat is almost done, then add the tomato juice, thyme and let it simmer until the meat comes off the bone.



I found the recipe in an old cartridge and I made only a little, out of curiosity. So I put the quantities "out of sight", but so as to maintain a proportion close to the recipe.
The original recipe is as follows:
2 kg of gogonele, 2 kg of donuts, 2 kg of tomatoes, 500 ml of oil, 1.5 kg of onion, allspice, salt.
Method of preparation:
- first I put the gogonele to boil, in hot salted water I left them until they were cooked (I had these gogonele, some very large)
- In the meantime I cleaned the onion and left it in a bowl of water
- I cleaned the donuts and cut them into slices
- I passed the onion through a grater
- in a large saucepan I put the oil to heat, I added all the onions, I covered the bowl and let it simmer (it should not brown at all)
- when the onion became glassy I put the donuts and covered again with the lid, letting it boil over low heat
- I put the gogonele in a strainer, I hardened them with cold water and I cleaned them of the skin
- I chopped them like eggplant, leaving the whole pieces
- when I considered that the donuts and onions are very low I added the gogons, and after about 5 minutes I added the tomato juice
- add flavors to taste, I put about 4 cloves of sliced ​​garlic, peppercorns and allspice
- I adjusted the salt taste to be somewhat indefinite (slightly sour - as is the case with tomato sauce), I completed it by adding about 3 tablespoons of sugar.

It does not decrease much, because the taste of vegetables is lost.
Put in jars and sterilize.
Once I finished the recipe, I started tasting, because I was very curious. What can I tell you, divine. A special sweet-sour taste. Much better than eggplant zacusca, with that smoky taste. In addition, the recipe is never dietary.
Not being a fatty zacusca, I discovered that we don't have to eat it with bread. I ate it with plain boiled rice and it went great.

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