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Ice Cream and Pizza Delivered to Astronauts in Space

Ice Cream and Pizza Delivered to Astronauts in Space

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It’s ‘cheat day’ in outer space


Astronauts at the International Space Station just received a supply of ice cream, pizza, and equipment.

A supply ship containing equipment, experiments, ice cream, and pizza has arrived at the International Space Station. The lucky astronauts stationed in space will now be able to enjoy chocolate and vanilla ice cream and make-your-own flatbread pizzas.

According to the New York Post, the flatbread pizza toppings include tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy paste, tomatoes, pesto, olive oil and more, which means the flavor combinations are endless. In addition to the chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the supply ship also brought other goodies like ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, and frozen fruit bars.

All of this seems like a step up from the tragic “cheeseburgers” astronauts on the ISS ate in 2015. And we know from previous reports that there should be mustard and a bottle of sriracha on board if the spacefarers need to spice anything up.

The almost 4 tons of cargo was carried by the S.S. Gene Cernan, named for the last man to walk on the moon. The astronauts can expect their next delivery to arrive a month from now in a SpaceX vessel. Until then, this sounds like the perfect menu for a cheat day or a sad day, or even for a date night idea at home — even if home is a space station.

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