Quiky cake

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Chop the biscuits and walnut kernels (leave larger pieces) and knead them with a spoonful of melted margarine.

We spread in a uniform layer in a circular cake shape with a detachable ring, press well with the back of a spoon and stick in the soft top, carefully on the edge of the cake, the wafer rolls (I cut them in half), side by side. Mix the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar until it hardens, add the spoonful of yogurt and the sweet cheese and mix well.

Melt the hydrated gelatin with cold water in a bain marie, pour in the cream in a thin thread, mix well and then pour over the cookie sheet, sprinkle the cereal on top and push them lightly with a spoonful of the cream and let it cool until we prepare the other cream. . Mix the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar until it hardens, add the chestnut puree and carob powder.

Melt the gelatin in 100 ml of cold water and then melt in a bain marie and pour into a thin thread in the mixture. Pour over the first cream and sprinkle with cereal grains on top. Cut after at least 2 hours in the cold.

Video: Light and Airy Crumb Sheet Cake with Yogurt. Kikis Kitchen Sheet Cake with Crumb Topping (June 2022).


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