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Pine Trees Can Be Made Into Hot Dogs Now

Pine Trees Can Be Made Into Hot Dogs Now

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A Norwegian company is making pine trees into hot dogs


A Norwegian company has developed a process for turning wood chips into hot dogs.

A Norwegian company has come out with a new technique for making hot dogs out of pine trees, which is pretty cool and also means there’s a perfect specialty food for both Memorial Day and Christmas.

According to The Local, a Norwegian company called Borregaard has figured out a way to turn waste wood like wood chips into an edible, creamy fat substitute that can reportedly be used in products like ice cream, mayonnaise, and hot dogs. While the company says the creamy paste, which they are calling Sense-Fi, looks, tastes and feels like fat, it is actually just a paste made from wood fiber, which means it cannot be digested by humans. That might not sound appetizing, but it has possible use as a diet food or fat substitute, because it cannot be digested and thus a person can eat it without putting on any weight.

Sense-Fi has reportedly already been approved in the U.S. and is being produced at a plant in Wisconsin.

"We are rolling it out primarily in the US, where it has been approved. Sales are just about underway, and there is a lot of focus on fighting obesity," said business director Harald Rønneberg Borregaard. The company has plans for a second Sense-Fi factory in Norway in 2016.

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